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Complete App Store Optimization Solution

Have you created a mobile app that you’re looking to get in front of the masses? Our team in the Philadelphia area provides a full fleet of optimization services for your application. Increase downloads and be found through searches on the App Store and the Play Store.

Visibility can be your best and greatest asset when you focus on the right aspects of optimization.

  1. 60% of Apps Are Still Found Through the Search Function
  2. Techniques to Improve Your Placement in the App Store
  3. Analyzing Competitor Performance to Determine the Best Strategy
  4. Driving More Organic Installs
  5. Helping You Gain Quality Users at an Effective Cost

Through our expertise and knowledge of the app store, our optimization services from our Bucks County, PA offices will increase your discoverability.

While there are other ways to get word out about your app, including word of mouth and social media marketing, it is critical that you include app store optimization into your pre and post launch strategy.

Factors Associated With On-Page ASO

What’s the first thing you look at when you click on an app listing?

For many of us, this is the icon or the screenshots you’ve provided. You want to make sure your icon stands out and is eye appealing as users are scrolling through the results to make an inviting first impression.

Through the assistance of our designers, we make sure searchers are intrigued by the icon, clicking on your listing.

Once they’re in, we create an optimized description to add value to the experience. We use this area to effectively sell your app with the appropriate level of optimization.

The most important factors of your on-page optimization for the App Store and Play Store include:

  1. Title: Include most important keyword in your title.
  2. Description: Fully explain the benefits and value of your app.
  3. Screenshots: Users want to see visuals. Show your best features with different images.
  4. Video: Show a trailer of your app with a trailer.
  5. Localization: Are you targeting countries that may speak a different language? Use localization in the metadata to customize the experience for all your users.
  6. Keywords: We research the phrases and terms that are relevant to the app without being too general. The goal is to increase conversions.

We describe the best features, how your users will benefit from having it in their library, and the expectations they should have when downloading. Then, with your help, we choose a category. It’s an important decision as it will get you in front of the right eyes.

Check out our article in Search Engine Journal to learn how to correctly optimize your app.


Factors Associated With Off-Page ASO

Before we begin with anything else, we conduct the research that guides our services. This is completed through keyword research where we find the search phrases with low competition and high volume.

Off-page ASO is a secondary factor that is needed to help you maintain success. This includes promotion on social media within other apps through AdMob and remarketing.

  1. Reviews & Ratings
  2. Updating & Fixing Bugs
  3. Click-Through-Rates
  4. Download & Engagement Analysis

Marketing will improve recognition, appeal, trust, and awareness, leading to more downloads. The number of downloads directly correlates with your listing in search results.

Though we have no direct control over the number of reviews and the star ratings you’ll receive, these aspects are factors of the metadata, alerting you to what works and what needs improvement.

All on-page factors contribute to our off-page and secondary factors, and each aspect is conducted with our expert knowledge of ASO.

Acquiring Quality Users to Interact With Your App

Incorporating app store optimization strategies is the best tactic to acquire new users through the search function.

You can spend hours trying to optimize, but if you’re missing one factor, it could derail the visibility of your app. Leave that work to us.

From app development to conversion rate optimization, our team in Bucks County and the Philadelphia area offers a full range of digital solutions for your brand. We’re here to help your app become one of your biggest assets.

  1. Analytical Tracking
  2. Split Testing Icons & Screenshots
  3. Behavior Insights
  4. Marketing Direction

As we learn how your audience is interacting with your app, we set up app advertising campaigns to deliver ads and promoted social posts in front of your targets.

There are millions of apps in the store. Our Philadelphia and Bucks County based team helps you make sure you’re driving eyes to your app. Don’t miss your chance to attract an unlimited number of new users.