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Helping Ecommerce Retailers Expand Their Reach

When you hear the term SEO or SEM, you think of Google. If you sell products online, we think aside from Google and focus on the platforms that will drive sales to your business.

Platforms like Amazon, Jet, and eBay are home to millions of products and their visitors are ready to make a purchase. Each of these platforms act as search engines, and it’s becoming easier to leverage your products on these platforms.

  1. Compelling Content in the Description
  2. Generate Interest with Images & Titles to Drive Traffic to the Listing
  3. Custom & Engaging Digital Shopping Experience
  4. Strategic Insertion of Keywords
  5. Assessment of All Listings to Improve Quality

For each of these platforms, there are several key concepts that will propel your listing near the top of search results. To get the most out of your SEO campaign within Amazon, eBay, and Jet, you need a sustained foundation to increase visibility for your products.

When you work with our agency to optimize your listings on these Ecommerce platforms, you’ll start to learn the secrets that supercharge your sales and conversions. We study the behavior of online shoppers.

Valuing the Importance of Optimizing Your Amazon Listing

The core purpose of Amazon is to sell products. Users on Amazon aren’t doing research the way they might on Google. The sales funnel is a lot shorter. They’re ready to purchase.

All you need to do is get your product in front of their eyes. Amazon utilizes its own algorithm, and its function is to find the product that provides the best sales conversion. The primary way customers locate products on Amazon is through the search function.

You’re given the opportunity to utilize seven keywords, and we formulate a strategy to include these keywords in your listing.

  1. Product Description
  2. Product Picture File
  3. Category & Product Type
  4. Page Title & Subtitle

We follow the best practices set forth by Amazon, making sure not to provide your users with any redundant information. Through our expertise in Ecommerce development and conversion optimization, we’re ready to help get you to the top of Amazon search results.

When it comes to these platforms, we focus solely on that website. After all, Amazon is a search engine too.

How can we leverage your product listing to increase your sales?

  1. Work to Increase Reviews on Amazon
  2. Use Sponsored Products Feature
  3. Figure Out Relevant Categories & Subcategories for Each Product
  4. Provide as much Relevant Information as Possible

Amazon’s goal is to attract buyers to the right products. Our goal is to match those users with your products. Don’t limit your discoverability. Work with our team in Philadelphia and Bucks County to achieve your goals.


Boosting Your Visibility on eBay to Complement Your Digital Strategy

If you’re a seller on eBay, you have to be taking advantage of all optimization availabilities. Running an eBay store is an extension of your business; a way to drive additional income and open up your products to more customers.

With the ways consumers can find products on eBay, you want to earn a good position in eBay’s Best Match order. It takes planning, collaboration, and strategizing to sustain measurable results.

  1. Creating & Maintaining Your Store Front in eBay
  2. Clear Description & Relevant Item Title
  3. Effective Use of Keywords
  4. High Resolution, Clear & Quality Images
  5. Ensuring Mobile Friendly Listings

Assist your eBay optimization efforts with social media marketing and app advertising or retargeting to keep your products in front of interested eyes.

Our team in Bucks County and Philadelphia, PA take advantage of all facets of your listing to enhance its visibility for searchers. We maintain relevance and provide potential customers with answers to all their questions. These include:

  1. Shipping Information
  2. Money Back Guarantee
  3. Accepted Payment Types
  4. What to Expect With Product

We examine and analyze your Listing Analytics to ensure we are delivering the best experience for your customers. This application gives us valuable insights into how we can improve listings for increased sales.

Making Sure Your Listings Are Mobile Friendly

Have you prepared your eBay listings to appeal to mobile users? If you’re stuck in the 99% of listings that aren’t mobile friendly, you’re losing money to potentially interested customers.

Over half of listings are viewed from mobile devices. Our mobile developers in Philadelphia and BUcks County know what it takes to make your listing pop on mobile devices. We work hard to make sure all elements are properly scaled across all devices, leading to one consistent experience.

Need help accurately optimizing your eBay listing to reach more customers? Let us know! Our team of digital specialists increase your visibility and grow your eBay store, leading to more sales.


Helping You Earn More Customers Using Jet Optimization Techniques

One of the newest online marketplaces that was recently purchased by Wal-Mart, Jet gives retailers the opportunity to reach further customers. Users of the platform are treated to the best bargains, and we help you deliver the optimal online shopping experience.

While you do have to apply for a Jet Retail Partner account, once you’re included in the marketplace, we help you achieve direct control of your profitability.

We learn to understand user intent, reaching your customers more efficiently. It uses artificial intelligence to deliver relevant products for each search. Why not present your products to customers looking to save?

  1. Intent-Based Optimization
  2. Retargeting Ads
  3. Analyzing Searches & Specific Page Visits to Identify What Users Want
  4. Tailored Focus to Anticipated Interests

Jet provides users with a new shopping experience, helping them buy items in bulk much like a Costco store. Users see better prices to buy many low-priced items. The customer base continues to grow, and we help them find you.

With over 600 brands, Jet is crowded with affordable products. We work diligently to help bring your brand in front of them so they buy from your brand’s shop.

We’ll track behaviors while Jet understands the context of the user intent. Once you get started with Jet, trust our team in Bucks County and Philadelphia to help get you found.

Taking Your Online Store to the Next Level

When you’re selling products online, that’s your lifeline. You need to attract customers and grow your profit margin. Our solutions and customized approach to your marketing helps customers find—and buy—your products.

Offering an integrated approach and SEO services throughout the USA, we put ourselves in your buyer persona, strengthening your brand and increasing your sales.

Want to learn about how we can help? Get in touch with us for a free analysis and see all the possibilities we can present to your business.

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