Non-Slip Zapatos Fluffy Faux Fur and Flat Slippers for women

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This world has evolved abruptly through the passage of time as humans being the most civilized creatures on planet Earth. Taking on to their legacy to create best has made them do the wonders which are beyond anyone’s thinking. In past decades we have developed in every field of life so rapidly. Whether it is some kind of daily use products or other products of fashion in clothing or footwear. Following the trend of popularities of footwear among ladies as they take more interest in shopping for Slippers. A new comfortable Zapatos Fluffy Slippers for women were introduced.

Basic need

Shoes being the daily use product are thought to be the important part of one’s daily routine dressings. They are considered to be personality analyzer on some occasions such as wedding ceremony, Official meetings or in seminars. Many kinds of shoes are there in the market from which some are casual shoes, dress shoes, party wear and much more for guys, And for ladies, the list is much longer.

Fashion Symbol

Most of the ladies use high heels and boots to wear outside or in any function. But when at home they likely prefer to use lightweight slippers which are easy to wear. Keeping in view the need of most of the girls’ many brands have managed to introduce many different brands of shoes.

There’s a vast range of footwear brands available in the market which introduce different and tempting designs very often to put a better impact on its customers. Many brands have introduced many different articles of shoes according to the need of the people.

Why Slippers?

As we know that there are shoes for different occasions and we cannot wear wedding shoes at home for a long time as they are hard to handle and not so much comfortable.  So there was the need of slippers which were way more comfy for use in the home.  So the women Slippers were the best product to satisfy the needs of people.


Product Information

When a product is made then it contains all the possible solution for the problems people faced before its launch. These slippers are personally designed for the use of girls and ladies specifically. So the information about the Zapatos Fluffy Slippers for women can be provided as:

  • Material – The slippers are made up of Faux Fur which is soft and fluffy and feels good when worn. As the sole material matters more because the actual softness felt is because of good sole quality. So the sole is made up of EVA material.
  • Style – The fashion is for small fresh footwear which is comfortable for the feet of ladies as they have to work in the home so standing for their work won’t give them fatigue.
  • Color – There are four colors available in these fluffy slippers according to the taste of women. White, black, grey and pink colors are available.
  • Type – These slippers are the Flat type with round head toe shape which allows feet to make up their space properly and make it a comfortable experience to wear them on. The shoe heel height is 2.5 cm which is quite low to keep feet low on the ground, unlike heels.
  • Appropriate Season – There are shoes for different occasions and season while these slippers can be used for indoor and outdoor use. The most appropriate season for their use is spring or summer.
  • Price and Size Range – There come different prices and size ranges online at different sizes and prices according to the choice of customers and is selected all across the world for any type of person.



The Zapatos Fluffy Slippers for women holds such features which are hard to find in any of the slippers in the market at such reasonable price. The features these slippers include can be discussed below as:

  • These slippers are made up of high-quality leather material, which is soft and comfortable which helps to reduce stress on joints. It also strengthens the tones and color of girl’s feet and cures them from darkening.
  • Fluffy faux Fur Slippers are casually used and they are easy to wear and take off due to its elasticity and ability to get fold which makes it hard to break sole.
  • They are lightweight which makes walking in them easily and comfortable and one can walk or stand for a long time.
  • The design of the Zapatos Fluffy Slippers for women is so convenient as it has the slip-on design through which it can be worn easily and without any difficulty in wearing sandals and straps.
  • They are cushioned selection sole which makes them easy to carry shoes for casual use and it makes the experience of casual footwear more reliable.
  • They are fashionable shoes used for casual wear as they come in different colors and designs of fur on it which makes it elegantly good.
  • Zapatos Fluffy Slippers for women has the function to be breathable shoes that give the feeling of Massage to the lower foot and heels. It is due to the soft and lightweight material used in it.
  • They are suitable for outdoor use too such as walking, Entertainment, leisure, party, work, Wedding and other occasions
  • Its color is sturdy and stylish which is so reliable and long lasting and doesn’t    go off that quick is used with care.
  • It also helps in lowering of stress and helps in the prevention of damage caused to foot due to use of hard sole slippers.
  • The sole always plays a key role in the durability and reliability of slippers as the whole weight of a person relies on it. A sole always has to be made of good material.
  • These shoes are easily accessible through the internet and you can order them online.


Package included

The package includes 1 pair of Women Slippers without box and is delivered free throughout the world.  These packages are made according to the demand of its users around the globe.

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