Best Indestructible Cars to Survive the Rough Desserts of Botswana Region


Botswana is a region of South Africa that has many rough terrains. It is a region surrounded by desserts namely Kalahari desert, and Okavango Delta. In this region, it is complicated to travel on regular cars. You need a special collection of vehicles to survive the sandy roads and harsh environmental condition. To survive in desserts you need to the muscle cars that have the capabilities and strength to perform well. I have composed a list including most suitable cars for the desserts of Botswana. Read on!

Toyota Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser is one of the most famous production from the multinational Japanese company- Toyota. Every model of Land Cruiser from 2008 until 2016 is suitable for Botswana region.  Land cruisers are known for their ruggedness and off-road performance. These cars are strong enough to handle dangerous environmental conditions. Designed for rough landscapes, Land Cruisers can bear 1320 pounds of weight. It can deliver around 15mpg and supports the auxiliary fuel tank as well. This vehicle is a perfect piece for safely enjoying your trips. However, the only drawback is its skyrocketing prices.

Subaru Forester

Subaru has always manufactured the most selling cars since years. Each of its models depicts a high level of professionalism and has exceptional skills. As a desert vehicle, the Subaru Forester is best-suited one. It has a high horsepower, balanced and reliable wheels with perfect alignments and angles to provide smooth drifting, a solid muscle exterior and the materials used is of the highest quality.  It has a 2.5-liter tank and combined gears to handle the car efficiently. The best part of Subaru is that it has a six-speed manual transmission.

Toyota Hilux Pickup

Another outstanding model of Toyota- the Toyota Hilux Pickup is a vehicle with 20R four-cylinder engine, perfect for an uneven landscape of the Botswana desserts. The models of Toyota are the oldest one, but still, you can easily find their parts and materials. It’s hard to find things belonging to a machine which was launched almost two decades ago, but with Toyota anything is possible. Having amazing off-road abilities, the Hilux is regarded as one of the best dessert cars. Its engineering involves some unmatchable techniques and bets in-class materials. It delivers a robust front suspension and incredible fuel consumption.

Hummer H1

A well-known name in the list of dessert vehicles- Hummer is manufactured to survive in all terrain types. Whether you want to drive through the stony areas of hilly regions, muddy oceans, rough desserts or any landscape, you must have this car. Hummer is out an out a car for rough areas it would be so childish to use it on the street or city roads. Some cars are designed for all environmental conditions while other support specific conditions. Hummer is one of them, which works best in sandy, hot and harsh weather.  Hummer has a skillfully designed tire system. By handling the tire air pressure, you can easily bring out the car if it gets stuck in the sand dune. All you have to do is reduce the pressure from the central button placed inside the car and your car is out at once.

Suzuki Samurai is a compact vehicle having eighty inches of wheelbase. It is more like a mini wagon. Though compact but it has a much heavyweight. The car shows perfect grip on the road. It drives smoothly and delivers outstanding performance. The rear suspension, front suspension, manual hubs and manual steering makes you able to control the vehicle expertly. For a perfect dessert expenditure, you must look for buying it. Its features include amazing functionality, 4WD performance, reliable and durable mechanism.

Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes G-class is a lightweight car but is designed to drive through sloppy, muddy and rough landscapes. The vehicle is quite famous among many celebrities and woman drivers. These cars are compact and have the mechanism to drive in the desserts as well. The body-and-frame construction, extra fuels cells, along with solid axles are some of the prominent features of the car. In the regions of the United Arab Emirates and Botswana, the car receives the most demand. Furthermore, its thirty-seven inches tires go perfectly for bulky areas. It shows a fine stability on the ground.

Wrapping UP

When it comes to tough and durable cars, Japanese manufacturers enjoy the center stage. Japanese cars and brands are renowned all across the world for utmost professionalism and unmatchable expertise. As the Japanese car exports begin to rocket at a double pace, many professional sets up their base to provide Japanese used cars for Botswana. Pick your best car and enjoy an unending pleasurable ride in the beautiful regions of Botswana.

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