GOXAWEE 16.8v cordless electric drill for household use

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In the modern era of technology and development, it is the need if the hour to get advanced in almost everything. Keeping in mind the urge to development have taken the market products and industries by storm as they have decided to put their efforts into it. In accordance with this the market giants have understood the need of people and thus they have made a daily use machine called GOXAVEE 16.8v multifunction cordless electric drill which is a machine with all possible specs.

The development apart from having a global impact not only made the world a global village through its wonders but have also evolved abruptly. The human civilization took many years to reach this spot where they can make almost everything for their use. Even if it is from the daily use things too heavy machinery to cope up with the needs of the people.

In the following chase to be better from others in the market, most of the companies have evolved so rapidly and keenly to provide best of their services. Related to this development in industries and improving quality of the products the GOXAVEE 16.8v multifunction cordless electric drill is not behind too. This drilling machine is having specs of its own kind which are hard to get in any other drill so easily.


Whenever a new thing is introduced in the market the brands or companies always try to give people something that hasn’t been introduced before. This proves to be beneficial for the consumers as the competition helps in getting better things. The specifications this drill contains can be enlisted as below:

Powerful machine:

As the name defines this drilling machine is powerful in every possible way it can be and why not? As a drill has to be so much effect on the surfaces that it doesn’t take much push for a person to do the job as GOXAVEE 16.8v multifunction cordless electric drill contains

  • As it has No load speed which means it takes the input of 12V and 16.8V with a low speed of 0-350rpm and high speed of 0-1500rpm
  • With an output power of 100W, it makes the machine to work efficiently with a torque of 12V & 16.8V comprising 32NM whereas the torque of 21V comprising of 40NM
  • A total output voltage of 12V/16.8V/21V which makes the machine a heavy duty drill that can make the hole within seconds to the desired depth.


As in modern world, everything is accessible everywhere and thus the portability of this drilling machine. That makes it unique in its specs as it contains the best possible design along with cordless specifications. As it is the most difficult job to carry on the drill to several places so the GOXAVEE 16.8v multifunction cordless electric drill has come up with the portability.

  • As the diameter chuck of the drill is 10mm so it is not that much of heavy as the other drill machines are and in accordance with such features it is one of its own kind.
  • Moreover, its thread diameter is 8mm which makes it easy to handle and carry everywhere it is needed.
  • And what makes it unique and easy to use is the power source which is Cordless Rechargeable battery. This makes it work without battery too and perform effectively more than any other drills with cords.
  • In this era, the portability is a great advantage to the products which are designed in such a way that they can be used anywhere.


The things which matter the most for any electronic machine is affectionate to perform a specific task to its full capacity. The speed of GOXAVEE 16.8v multifunction cordless electric drill sufficient enough to make it compatible with other drills in the market as it contains:

  • There is one-speed gear for the use of slower speed and the other two speed gears are to be adjusted when needed.
  • This quality of being adjustable unlimited times makes it elegant and unique in its style and design.
  • If we match the speed of this drill with the speed of any other drill with the cord you will find no big difference.


As a machine is functioned to perform some specific tasks same as the human being subject to some specific tasks which are their functionalities in daily routine. A machine is particularly designed following the rule of ‘do as directed’—which means that it will only perform tasks it is programmed for not less not more.


As we know that the things which are specifically designed and made for our daily use have their importance in our life So as the GOXAVEE 16.8v multifunction cordless electric drill has some specific Applications in our daily routine life which can be discussed as follows:

  • A drilling machine is mostly used on every wall of the room for setting the clock to hanging the curtains from the settling of your favorite cloth rank to the collection of books on a bookshelf.
  • Mostly all the woodworks are taken place with the help of a drill machine which involves the fixing of wooden racks and the libraries to be settled properly carrying a vast range of books.
  • In many of the household, the GOXAVEE 16.8v multifunction cordless electric drill can be used anywhere in every room without the tension of the socket to be near the workplace.
  • In many of the industries and workplaces, the drill machine is used vastly to perform every possible task

Package including:

Like every other electronic product, the GOXAVEE 16.8v multifunction cordless electric drill also contains a complete package which is included when you place an order and it contains:

  • An electrical screwdriver which will be also helpful in performing daily household work easily and smartly
  • More on it also contains a battery with a charger as it is rechargeable
  • It also contains a user instructions manual which is helpful for the customer to know how about the product and use it the way it should be.
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