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The Miata is always the answer, but which one is the answer for you?

Joel Stocksdale If you follow along with our long-term vehicles, you know that we currently have a 2016 Miata Club in...

BMW built a full-size flying motorcycle that's based on a Lego kit

Filed under: Design/Style,Toys/Games,BMW,Motorcycle Every Lego fan has wanted a full-sized version of a kit at some time or another.Continue reading BMW built a full-size...

California may force shops to recommend factory service intervals

Get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. That sticker on the window says so.This outdated maxim seems to have clung to the minds...

Suzuki tunes up tiny concepts for Tokyo Auto Salon

When counting Japanese automakers, don't forget Suzuki, which has a trio of new show cars lined up for the Tokyo Auto Salon in...

The best-selling cars of 2016

slide-4319802 Hottest Cars and Trucks in America   While just short of setting records, new car sales in 2016 have been brisk. Cheap gas, easy financing, and...

US traffic fatalities rise 10 percent in 2016

Last year saw the largest rise in traffic fatalities since 1996 and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's preliminary data for...

Geneva Motor Show | Autoblog Podcast Episode #469

Episode #469 of the Autoblog Podcast is here. This week, Dan Roth, Jeremy Korzeniewski, and Greg Migliore talk about the sights and debuts...
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Relive Bruce McLaren's amazing story in new documentary

Filed under: Motorsports,Videos,McLaren,Classics,Racing McLaren's story told by the people who knew him best.Continue reading Relive Bruce McLaren's amazing story in new documentary Relive Bruce McLaren's...

The only Liquid Blue Ford Fiesta ST could be yours

Filed under: Ford,Auctions,Hatchback,Budget,Performance If the price is right.Continue reading The only Liquid Blue Ford Fiesta ST could be yours The only Liquid Blue Ford Fiesta ST...

Scion was slain by Toyota, not the Great Recession

Scion didn't have to go down like this. Through the magic of hindsight and hubris, it's easier to see what went wrong. And...

Ford picks up new Ranger overseas [w/video+poll]

23/03/2015 | Bangkok, ThailandFord Challenges the Conventional World of Pickup Trucks with a Tougher, Smarter and More Efficient Ranger- Ford Ranger builds on...

World's most expensive tires sold in Dubai

Dubai is known for its extremely opulent rides. It makes sense, then, that a set of diamond encrusted, gold leafed tires, certified last...

Autoblog Podcast #397

Episode #397 of the Autoblog Podcast is here, and this week, Dan Roth, Steven Ewing, and Seyth Miersma talk about the leadership change...


Ford will start plug-in hybrid Transit van trial in London this fall

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Abandoned Jeep found under twenty feet of snow in Donner Pass

You guys have heard of Donner Pass, right? The dreaded mountain pass in the northern Sierra Nevadas out in California where an ill-fated...

2016 Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG Quick Spin

When it comes to performance cars, we admire Audi's template. There's a basic model, then an S, and if applicable, an RS at...
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