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Daily chart: China’s stable growth raises doubts

ON OCTOBER 19th China reported that its economy grew by 6.7% in the third quarter. It would have been an unsurprising, reassuring headline, except that China...

The world economy: System says slow

IS THERE a global economic crisis on the horizon? Probably not. Is the world in danger of falling into recession? Not soon. Yet the...

China’s economy: Romance of the three quarters

“THE empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide.” This famous opening from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, a classic Chinese novel, refers...

Emerging markets: The unloved bounce

IT IS not easy to have faith in the rally in emerging-market currencies that has taken place since February. The ones that have risen...

Global impact: Nowhere to hide

SOME OF THE finest infrastructure to be found between Singapore and Dubai lies in the south of Sri Lanka, close to the crashing waves...

The Economist explains: Why is world trade growth slowing?

GLOBAL trade is in a grim state. Between 1985 and 2007 trade volumes shot up at around twice the rate of global GDP; since 2012 the...

Banks: Breaking bad

THE VIDEO PANS from the empty lot outside the factory to the interior, where metal parts lie in a heap, detritus of a bankrupt...

Economic policy: On whose authority?

WHEN a newspaper bases an entire story on a single, anonymous source, you would expect doubts about credibility to arise. Yet there were no...

China’s currency: Bending, not breaking

AS CASH poured out of China at the start of this year, hedge funds lined up to bet against the yuan. Many thought it...

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