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Four-Year-Old Girl Wears Late Mum’s Wedding Dress To Honour Her Last Wish

A four-year-old girl put on her late mum’s wedding dress for a photoshoot at the venue where her parents got married. Nora’s mum, Amber...

BRIDES: 6 Things That Brought These Brides To Tears On Their Wedding Days

If there was ever a time to wear waterproof mascara, your wedding day would be that time. Tears will hit when you least...

This ‘American Horror Story’-Themed Wedding Is Hauntingly Beautiful

This couple just threw a glam Halloweekend wedding that puts those sorry pumpkin patch celebrations to shame. One guest (on the left) dressed up...

Woman Marries Herself After Getting Fed Up Of Friends’ Engagement Posts On Facebook

A newly single woman, sick of seeing pals getting engaged on Facebook, has married herself. Kate Simpson was left feeling “bitter” following a tough...

Tessa Juliette: Why I Don’t Regret Spending My Wedding Money On Travel

A couple of months after my husband Matt and I got engaged, we sat down to write out a wedding budget. It was...

Who Is Qualified To Sing At Mariah Carey’s Wedding? ‘F**king Nobody’

The 46-year-old, who has her wedding dress picked out, doesn't plan on getting behind the mic, either.  "Why would you sing at your own...
Fort Lauderdale, USA
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