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The Only Parenting ‘Philosophy’ You Really Need

My two boys are standing at the top of a hill at the edge of our dead end street. Each has a scooter, and a helmet,...

A Very Hard Week To Be A Struggling Mother

It’s always tough to be a struggling young mother. This week it’s been particularly hard. First the Federal government shutdown halted the WIC program, leaving 9...

Are We Teaching Our Children To Cheat?

With a broad, illuminating and discomforting brush, Lisa Miller’s written-to-be-controversial article in New York Magazine this week paints parents as ethically challenged at best and downright...

One More Time: ARE Parents Happier?

Add one more study to the pile of evidence that seeks to prove or question the relative happiness of parents. For most of this century researchers...

Do You Snoop On Your Children? Do You Tell Them?

To snoop or not has always been a parenting question, but technology has raised the stakes. It gives us more to snoop with (GPS tracking devices...

Love By Any Other Name Is Still Love — And Sometimes A Napkin

When my son was 3, he announced he no longer wanted to be kissed, because he had seen kissing on TV, and he didn't like it....

Should We Blame The Parents Of The Nevada School Shooter?

Atop the numbing news of yet another school shooting, comes word that the parents of the 12-year-old shooter might be charged with allowing the boy access...

Every 21 Minutes This Happens To A Mother

New mothers are not supposed to leave the hospital with empty arms. To arrive in labor and depart in mourning is to upend the way the...

28 Signs You’re Dealing With An Oldest Child

Add another data point to the Great Birth Order Debate. Last month, researchers at Duke University and Washington University in St. Louis released their latest, a...

The Family That Lives Apart, But Very Together

How does a family define “home”? (Beyond the aphorism of “where the heart is.”) Is it the place you most often sleep? Where your parents...

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