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I’m Married To A Divorce Attorney. This Is What Our Marriage Is Like

Divorce attorneys are experts on marriage. After all, every day in their offices, they see the petty squabbles and simmering issues that can easily bring down...

3 Ways To Start Making Yourself A Priority

The other day was a "mom day." I spend Monday's with my 15-month-old, Kai. While I'm not technically working, I still always feel like I need to...

Adult Swaddling Is Tokyo’s Top New Trend

Wrapped up from head to toe in a white bag and gently rocking from side to side, five Japanese mothers are hopeful Tokyo’s latest health trend...

Man Fired For Attending Son’s Birth Is Flooded With Job Offers

The first day of the new year was pretty eventful for Lamar Austin. The 30-year-old welcomed a son and got fired on the very same day — Jan....

8 Ways To Get Your Spouse To Open Up More, According To Therapists

Experts say that communication is the cornerstone of a good relationship. That’s why it can be deeply troubling when your partner is closed off and guarded. How do...

How To Avoid Talking To People, As Told In 2 Genius Comics

Engaging in small talk sends plenty of people ― and introverts especially ― into panic mode. For others, small talk just feels shallow and aimless, like so: In...

Pregnant Server Gets A $900 Tip Just In Time For Christmas

It’s a Christmas gift she never expected. It was a typical day for Sarah Clark when she was working her shift as a server at the Pita Jungle in...

This Wife Had The Best Response To People Bugging Her To Have Kids

After three years of marriage, Carrie Jansen and her husband Nic were sick of relatives bugging them about when they were going to have kids. So Carrie,...

Police Department Issues Holiday 'Citations' That Help Collect Toys For Kids

A traffic citation is a surefire way to ruin a day, but one Texas police department is making it an opportunity to brighten someone else’s. Last month,...

Marijuana Pants For Kids Stoke Outrage

Looks like clothes for kids have gone to pot, and that has parents and anti-drug advocates fired up. Amazon is selling a line of leggings for girls...

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