A Tax Fraud Case: Prompt Dismissal

tax fraud case trump tevfik arif

A New York City court did away with a civil tax fraud case that was worth $250 million. This case was filed against an individual by the name of Felix Sater. He’s a businessman who has a Russian-American background. Sater previously worked alongside President Donald Trump. He’s also the co-founder of a real estate firm by the name of Bayrock. The case was put into the “qui tam” category. That means that whistleblowers have the ability to file in place of the state. Offices for the attorney general, because of that, are allowed to make decisions regarding potential involvement. Fred Oberlander is thought to be the whistleblower in this specific situation. He’s a lawyer who previously served as a representative for Jody Kriss. Kriss at one point was a partner in business with Sater. Oberlander worked with Kriss in a lawsuit that revolved around money laundering.

.tax fraud case trump tevfik arif


Oberlander clarified on Wednesday that his qui tam filing was a response to details federal judges had offered. A lawyer went to the hearing in Manhattan and said that things didn’t go smoothly for Oberlander. The legal professional also stated that it appeared that the dismissal would occur due to Oberlander’s information strategies. Oberlander discussed matters that federal judges before deemed to be 100 percent confidential.

Robert Wolf works as Sater’s attorney. He said that the case had indeed been dismissed officially. Eric Schneiderman is the attorney general. His office made the decision to stay out of the matter in 2016. Schneiderman wrote a February 2016 letter that told the Supreme Court in the state about a press release that was perplexing and not totally true. Oberlander was responsible for this release. It made it seem like Schneiderman had given his “okay” to the case. The truth, however, was that he did not.

Jody Kriss served as Tevfik Arif Bayrock‘s finance director before. Kriss filed a lawsuit against both Bayrock and Sater all the way back in 2010. Kriss made many points in the lawsuit and discussed subjects such as embezzlement, money laundering, bank fraud, mail fraud, extortion, wire fraud, tax evasion, bribery and conspiracy. He said that he thinks that the company has been guilty of all of those crimes. He also said that he thinks that it has strong ties to the mob. He believes that the ties have existed for quite a while as well.

Tevfik Arif is one of the individuals who was behind the establishment of the company. Kriss believes that TevfikArif essentially took a lot of money away from him. This money amounted to millions. Kriss believes that Sater is guilty of this, too. A judge who works in New York City said that this lawsuit could be considered a racketeering situation.

Kriss’ complaint suggests that Arif and Sater started making deals with the Trump Organization all the way back in the early 2000s. The goal behind these discussions was to market various Trump-affiliated efforts. Kriss indicated, too, that the pair failed to inform the organization about Sater. They allegedly didn’t inform the organization that Sater had a background in criminal matters. Trump took part in a deposition in 2008. He stated that if his organization had known about the criminal history, it would not have made the decision to join forces with the firm. Trump stated that he had no idea what Sater looked like. He said that if Sater walked into the room, he wouldn’t know it.

The company had an office that was merely two levels under Trump’s. This office was on Fifth Avenue inside of Trump Tower. Sater claimed he’s had regular meetings with Trump.

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