Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Organises the Largest Online Prayer

largest online prayers

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian born Christian minister and a founder of the Christ Embassy International. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Pastor Chris is a renowned author, a teacher, television host and as a healing minister. As a generous man, Chris is known for aiding the sick, the poor and dispossessed people materially as well as spiritually.largest online prayers

The Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference

The most extensive international communal online prayer is scheduled for next week. Held on 3rd to 4th November 2017 at 6 pm (GMT +1), the Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference will be the biggest online prayer ever. For the 24 hours, the prayer meeting will involve the studying of the Rhapsody of Realities book. The event will be presided over by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The Rhapsody of Realities sacred book is a life-changing book that is internationally known to take the reader near to Jesus Christ. The daily devotion book is a masterpiece of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Many of its readers, especially the first time readers, have given testimonies of how they have received grace and blessings after engaging with the book.

A Canadian lady attested to how her whole family was blessed after daily devotion with the book. Also, she bore witness of receiving God’s favor after asserting her engagement with the book. Another lady from Nigeria confessed of experiencing financial breakthrough and healing of fibroids after professing to the God’s Word in her life. These examples show how spiritually powerful and influential the book is to the whole world. Available in both hard and soft copy, the Rhapsody of Realities also constitute a mobile app.

Based on the Rhapsody of Realities book the Rhapsody Online Prayer will give an opportunity to everyone in the globe. Also, they will have the passion for Word of the Lord to join or continue firmly with the Church Embassy teaching. The 24 hours event will conveniently give all the regions around the globe regardless of their timeline to access it online.

For the sake of the event and future studies, newcomers can utilize the following tips studying the Rhapsody of Realities book.

  • Ensure there is specific time allocated for the study. The study should not be done in a hurry for one to maximise the opportunity.
  • Make a long-term plan on how to study the book. Ensure that you stick to the plan to understand the book maximally.
  • Give the book an opportunity and have faith that studying the book will bring you closer to Jesus Christ.
  • To efficiently understand and ensure the word message sink, read the book loudly. Do not mumble to yourself nor read it quietly.

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About Chris Oyakhilome

Born in 1961, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the president of Christ Embassy and Believer’s’ LoveWorld Inc. He attended the Bendel State University for Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome work can be categorized in four different ministries. They include the teaching, healing, publishing and television ministry.

Pastor Chris has and continues to preside over massive healing and to teach crusades worldwide. They include the Night of Bliss in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the Higher Life Conference. In 2003, he founded the 24 hour Christian Satellite Network that broadcasted from Africa to the rest of world. His teachings and healing events are aired on the channel on the international television in Nigeria, Canada, the UK, and the US as well as South Africa.

Chris has authored numerous books including The Power of Your Mind, Your Rights to Christ, and Healing from Heaven among others.

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