Does Your Nose Get Bigger When You Gain Weight?

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All of us strongly desire a perfect appearance, from the body to the face, especially the nose because many believe that the nose is the critical factor which maintains harmony facial look. There are many wondering if the nose changes when the body gains weight. Today, the topic “Does your nose get bigger when you gain weight?” can help you get partly precise information for this question.

What Are The Relationship Between The Nose and Weight?

All parts of the body tend to be bigger when you gain weight, especially the face. Also, when you lose your weight, you cannot realize it in the face right away; however, all the features on your face decline over time, especially the nose. So, “Does your nose get bigger when you gain weight?”.

Our nose is made of skin, bone, and cartilage. The structure of our nose grows gradually by ages since you were born until you are an adult (20 years old). The nose maintains its shape permanently if it does not suffer any external impact. So, the right answer to the question “Does your nose get bigger when you gain weight?” is certainly “No.”

Other these features (chin, cheeks or forehead) can be bigger owing to weight changes, except the nose.  However, our nose is only one of the parts on the face. Therefore, weight changes can impact our facial proportions and overall balance. If the fat cells collect around the chin, other parts of your face will inevitably be affected, resulting in the imbalance of the chin and the nasal structure.

For example, your face becomes thinner when you lose weight, and becomes bigger when you gain weight. For this reason, many people believe that weight changes can affect the shape of the nose. So according to your weight, the nose can also change its shape logically. However, frankly, this is not true scientifically.

How To Maintain The Shape Of Your Nose Without Surgery

So, now you find the right answer to the question “Does your nose get bigger when you gain weight?”. However, if you possess a big nose and feel unconfident about this, below are the unbelievable ways to help you get a perfect appearance on your face effectively.

Method 1: Makeup to highlight your nose

You should apply contouring cream which is lighter or darker the skin tone around to make the nose looks slimmer.

How to do:

  • Prepare a soft bristled brush.
  • to mix contouring as well as easily highlight cream together.
  • Apply your foundation with the fingers to minimize the pores and make the skin smooth
  • Draw a thin line with highlighter on the bridge of your nose
  • Slim your nose by applying shadow to create thin lines on the two sides of the nose. The step is significant to make the nose straighter and slimmer naturally.
  • Blend shadow and highlight with a soft brush to create a perfect face.
  • Sweep gently the blending brush around your nose tip as well as nostrils to get an impressive nose for your face.

Method 2: Draw Attention From Other Features On Your Face

Apply some bold or bright lipstick to draw the attention away from the nose.

How to do:

  • Use a matching lip liner to outline the lips
  • Cover the lips with some lip liner.
  • Use your lipstick brush to apply the lipstick
  • You should not wear heavy eye makeup because this draws attention towards your nose. So, how to get a perfect look on your face:
  • Apply neutral colors to get a natural looking eye
  • Never forget to apply some right concealer to hide your under-eye shadows. You should apply the color which matches your skin tone.
  • Apply it with your ring fingers. While blending your concealer, you should blend downwards and towards both cheeks.

Perfect hair can help you to draw attention away from the nose effectively. Here are some kinds of hairstyles for you.

  • Tight ponytails
  • Big and curly hair
  • Straight-across cuts
  • Sleek straight styles
  • Soft hair curls or waves
  • Messy,  loose,  or scruffy up-dos
  • Hairstyle with layers which frame your face
Wear your right accessories:

A necklace or some earrings can help you to draw attention away from the nose. A big hat is also a good idea. If you like to wear glasses, the larger ones are the perfect choice for you.

Method 3: Nose Exercises:

Nose straightener

You can be surprised to know that your smile can help you to possess a straightened nose.

  • You just smile and try to push the nose upwards.
  • Do the nose exercise from 20 – 30 times to possess a straighter nose
  • This nose exercise will help you to build the muscles around the two sides of the nose.

Nose wiggling

The nose exercise also helps to build the nose’s muscles

You only wiggle the nose vigorously as taking face care.

Smile line eliminator

Your age will be reflexed by the lines around the nose. How to get out of it. The nose exercise can help you a lot.

  • Fill the mouth with air and then close it tightly.
  • Move the air in all directions inside your mouth (4 directions).
  • Keep the air for five seconds each time and then release it.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the article can give you a deep look at the question “Does your nose get bigger when you gain weight?”. It not only shows you how the nose grows exactly, as well as the shape types of your nose and how to keep the shape of your nose effectively.



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