Healing Stone Ruby

Ruby Aura

General Appearance

It can be found in the form of a tip, druse or boulder. Its base colour is red, vermilion or wine. It is the result of treating quartz with doses of platinum mixed with gold or silver, recreating an iridescence, whose brightness is usually golden, bluish or violet, depending on its components. The crystal is transparent or translucent, relatively cold and light; slightly rough touch (you cannot tell if it’s polished). Not to be confused with the Aura Rosa Quartz, which is similar but of a much paler and rosier tone. The dyed specimens are red-pink or deep red.


Increasingly easy to get in specialized stores, but it is very expensive.



Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Taurus, Aries.


It is considered a stone that attracts love towards us, although, in physical terms, it usually refers to a passionate and intense love, strongly linked to sexual vigour; since this stone has a powerful connection on the Base Chakra. On a more psychic level, the Ruby Aura is considered a transmuting stone: it transforms love into negative feelings, such as anger or resentment, especially when they have been repressed for a long time. In other words, it awakens the wisdom of our heart in consonance with the reasoning and the clarity of thought, so that the emotions prevail in a more measured and less unconscious way.

Great protector against external violence, aggressiveness and hostility. Stimulating stone gives us courage and vigour to face problems, avoiding conflict and bad forms. It is also considered to be especially useful when dealing with cases of abuse, sexual abuse or violence, during childhood.

It is quite easy to program since its energy is very balanced and malleable. In some places, they call it “Quartz Aura Blood” because it is believed that it opens our consciousness towards Christ and builds our spirit in a way that transcends the Higher Realms.


It restores cell balance and helps regulate the menstrual cycle in women. It balances our body and its functions. It mainly benefits the endocrine system and helps sciatica treatments, back pain (height of the kidneys) and herniated discs.


On the base chakra to open the energy channels and strengthen sexual vigour, or to regulate the menstrual cycle. On the heart, chakra to bring balance and love towards us. Carrying it as a pendant or amulet in a pocket will protect us from attempted assault.


It is often used in karma and aura cleanings, especially when there are many traces of anger. It is also used in healing with Reiki and in regressions, especially when dealing with cases with very violent pasts.

Cleaning and recharging

Anyone is worth.

Ruby stone. Properties of ruby. Description of the ruby

In translation from Sanskrit “ratnaraj” – the king of gems and “ratnayaka” – the leader of gems. Ruby is dedicated to the Sun. It is a stone of special magical power, a stone of tests, and possession of the forces of energy. He will help overcome the forces of darkness, fight fear. This is the stone of power. It is best to wear this stone to those who have already achieved something.


In ancient times, the ruby was attributed various healing properties: stop the blood, keep the memory, and give cheerfulness and fun, courage. It was believed that the ruby can protect against serious ailments, stir up love passions. As a healing stone, ruby is recommended for people who suffer from low blood pressure. When wearing a stone, sleep, general condition and appetite improve, the lost strength returns. Paracelsus treated ruby even cancer ulcers. Constantly you cannot carry a stone because it takes a lot of energy.

The name “ruby” comes from the Latin word rubella – red. Other names of the mineral and its varieties: noble red corundum, ratnanayana, manicum, yahont. Ruby refers to precious stones.

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