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New technologies, the emergence of new professions and a new work reality in which little by little is more flexible and where the weight lies more in the results obtained than in office hours, brings with it the need to new workspaces that make it possible to reconcile personal and work life.

So, increasingly it is necessary to create a space at home in which to work from the efficient way in the same way that we would in the decoration of a conventional office. There are some factors that we must not forget for the design of small offices at home:

In the decoration of small offices at home do not let yourself be carried away only by the aesthetics, comfort is very important.

Although you have the temptation to opt for a beautiful four-legged chair model, I recommend you try it and try to imagine the use you are going to give it. This is one of the main mistakes when creating the home office: We tend to look for a different furniture than we would use in a conventional office thinking of something more beautiful, aesthetic or striking, but the truth is that the more focused the design to the professional world, better will serve us to work and take care of our health. Currently, there are models that are aesthetically current and beautiful but in view of taking advantage of time, they are not the most appropriate for our home office.

When we talk about chairs, we should think about a model designed for office work, bear in mind that it will be a corner where we will spend hours working and not a decorative space to look. So we will look for a chair that gives us a correct position of the column and that is practical when moving around the land, so if we can choose, a model with wheels will always be a better option, it is something that we do not think in the first moment but when we are involved in the task, we will miss for sure.

The practicality of an office chair does not only reside in having wheels, other essential elements that homologate these chairs for long days of work are the fact that they are rotating, that they have armrests and headrests, or that they are office chairs recliners.

The tables are also a fundamental element; avoid too flashy colours for envelopes and a solid and firm structure that allows us to work in a stable manner. For the feet, we must have enough space to place them comfortably under the desk.

And finally, for the decoration of small offices at home, we should think of storage solutions that are first and foremost practical and make life easier depending on our needs.

The order is fundamental

In this case more than ever: Less is more. Flee from all expendable elements and leave only those of vital importance. If we have little space, every inch will count. Filing cabinets, bucks, cabinets, shelves and drawers will be good allies to keep everything perfectly stored. Not only will we achieve a greater visual cleanliness that will help in our concentration, but we will also easily find what we are looking for, optimizing time and working more efficiently.

Add your personal touch to your home office and make the space yours

Do not forget that we are talking about the decoration of small offices at home, so you can think of customizing the space with small details that make the day more bearable and enjoyable. Provide a style that identifies you, plays with original office material or adds pictures or illustrations that you like and represent what you do. This will help make the space yours and that you feel comfortable as long as they are elements that do not distract from the task and following the philosophy of the least is more.

Unlike in shared office spaces, at home you can always add that more personal touch and adapt the aesthetic to your tastes, for example, creating a natural style environment using green tones, plants, prints or pictures on the decorative elements or maybe opt for a more industrial, artistic or minimalist aesthetic … You decide!

Choose an optimal location

In the design of offices, it is important to choose a location dedicated only to study with good natural lighting. But if the lack of space does not allow you to dedicate a whole room to the office area, I recommend taking advantage of those dead holes that always remain in the houses but trying to find quiet spaces that allow us to concentrate without much difficulty. Taking advantage of the stairwell, corridor areas or finding a space in the bedroom or living room can be good solutions.

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