Choosing Right EMM Tools Address Security Issues

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Security features dominate the user experience and thus enterprise mobility management (EMM) services are redeemable with the right tools. Of course, the trends are changing as we focus on Mobile Device Management (MDM). Keeping an eye on the future, the Radicati Report of 2017 says, the market will increase before the end of 2018 by nearly 3.3 billion. The growth of tools will be at 18% by 2022. Let’s consider the driving challenges and demands, closely for all EMM services. We need to address various security issues with the right software for Macs and Windows with uniformity as both have different operating systems.

Most people are stuck with their devices!

Keeping this in mind, that smartphones have become part of business and personal life, these devices are now being seen as viable methods to continue beyond working hours. As people bring their devices to work, , there are issues that have cropped up.

They include:

  1. Cyber security maintenance and threats
  2. Regulations and compliances of usage of company’s sensitive data
  3. The tools of applications for cloud-based and on premise (or both) depending on the requirement need to be addressed

Usage of an ownership device allows an employee to work independently. As autonomy increases, it becomes the responsibility of the employee to be vigilant of potential dangers of cyber security. This is one major reason why EMM services have been introduced in many enterprises. In a report made by Forrester Research in December 2016, they found that the employees who were allowed autonomy were happier in their jobs and worked with more responsibility. They were willing to make customers happy with their services. As younger people enter the workforce, devices will become more important for revenue generation. This calls for continuous enterprise mobility and new initiatives to make it worker-friendly. Now, the thrust is going beyond the management of the device. The spotlight is on security, compliances, and its applications. Introducing tools and software to keep data secure and meaningful is essential and need to be addressed rapidly. Hence, the enterprise will have to introduce new policies for the user-employee with desktops and smartphones while at work. Devices use different operating systems and compatibility is the hall mark of any software or app. At times, enterprises are unable to manage multi-operating systems. But the current nature of EMM tools has features to address these concerns.

Rise of multiple OS

The User Interface (UI) on desktops and smartphones have improved as enterprise mobility management services offer multiple options to keep productivity and business running northwards. For instance, IOS, Blackberry, Android have been on the forefront with enterprise ready servers. It allows any enterprise to operate with a preferred OS.  Any customer who has to support 203 OS will find it cumbersome to operate. Until 2 years ago, there were nearly 53% companies that had an OS that could not be connected to a mobility solution which affected the operation or business.  Service providers are addressing the problem with management of mobile devices and the product offering includes this valued provision. The need for apps to be multi-OS is rapidly becoming common at app stores. Centralized solutions help the workforce to operate more efficiently. Also, security issues are handled too with the same alacrity. So, when new EMM tools are being selected think about the following things.

Latest trends to follow in mobile and security management

These are the present day trends: MDM, MAM and content management. What follows next is the next generation of features. As part of security, policy management is also being offered by EMM services vendors. As threats to mobiles increase, this feature is likely to be lapped up by regular clients. The need to permit or even restrict access within the enterprise is being taken care. This is a relevant identity tool that will secure data at source. With new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning the tool box is gradually being increased. Mobility is designed to be the latest digital pillar to run business. The mobile environment is getting complex. The costs are high now and EMM products will continue to be expensive till the demand increases. Just one product is not sufficient to meet the needs of an enterprise. They need a slew of services that only an expert vendor can execute with the best security options.

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