Best Apps For Apple Watch That You Must Try


There are many misconceptions and confusions out there as to how an Apple Watch could be best put to use. You might not have any idea how a watch could be kept right in front of your face for long and for what potential reasons. Well, there are lots of wonderful and clever apps out there for Apple watch that make this little gadget from Apple a great potential investment. Here we have listed some of the best apps for Apple Watch that would turn it into a great piece of equipment to own.

Apps For Apple Watch

  1. Streaks Workout

It’s a highly recommended app for burning your calories at a brisk pace. You just need your Watch for this app to work as it is independent of any iOS apps. Just be willing to sweat yourself and you are good to go with this wonderful app.

Available for £2.99, Streaks Workout, lets you to choose from 4 different workout lengths and it comes up with different simple exercises for you. Once you have completed the desired repetitions, just tap on screen. It’s really a wonderful app to make your Apple Watch more functional than ever.

  1. Pennies

As far as budgeting is concerned, pennies don’t create too many problems but pounds do. If you are just at the month end and don’t know where exactly did you spend all that money, Pennies app should be right there on your Apple Watch.

You can have it for just £3.99 and it allows you to set up your lists, allocate budgets and input values whenever you get some cash or spend it. If you’re planning to keep an eye on everything then Pennies can simply show the ongoing budget of yours as Complication.

  1. iTranslate

It’s not that smallest of translators taped to one’s wrist. iTranslate is capable of quickly finding translations to anything that you speak into it. It can also talk back to you with translations so that you can learn appropriate pronunciations.

You can buy pro subscription for £4.99 while it also offers an offline mode as well. There is clever Complication as well through which you can be able to get current time. You can also get iTranslate to display translations of previous day by twiddling Digital Crown and use Time Travel option in watchOS.

  1. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is a long-time favorite watchOS app for healthy folks and is available for free as well. Runkeeper is even able to communicate with the iPhone if your Apple Watch is an old one. It offers updates on current progress while wheezing around a type of circuit which appears too long all of a sudden.

If you have Apple Watch Series 2 then you can turn Run With Phone option off and your Runkeeper application will use the GPS of your watch for creating your journey’s map. It’s a great app for keeping an eye on the successful routes.

  1. Just Press Record

Just Press Record is the last app on our list and is available for £4.99. With this wonderful app, things become a lot easier for you to capture the voice memos. When you run the app on your Apple Watch, it starts with a big microphone button. Juts prod it and it will start recording. As soon as you are done, your recording keeps waiting on the Apple Watch till the time it connects to the iPhone and is then transferred.

With the help of this app, you can be able to peruse as well as playback the recent recordings. The only issue that you might have with Just Press Record is that there isn’t any background playback. Hence, it is best for the shortish memos. However, that is still a very small problem considering all the benefits that it has to offer otherwise.

So, these are the top 5 best apps for Apple Watch that everyone must consider to install. It not just ties up great functionality to your wrist but also make your Apple Watch an interesting little gadget to own. You will surely fall in love with the experience you will have on your Apple Watch with all these great apps installed.

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