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Toby Nwazor: Six Ways Technology Is Changing Health Care System...

Several leaps have been made in our health care industry over the last two decades and technology is considered to be the driving...

Bob Weidman: Donald Trump: America’s Colonoscopy

I ended the year off right - with a colonoscopy. This is apparently part of the ceremonial initiation into the horror of turning 50....


The Scary Reason #Fitspo Isn’t As Healthy As You Think – Fitness

The #fitspo photos of toned, muscular bodies in your social media feeds may motivate you to get your sweat on. But those pictures could...

Quick Lower Ab Exercises for a Stronger Core

This article originally appeared on If there’s one major muscle group we don’t mind firing up during almost every workout, it’s our abs. And for...

The 3 New Rules of Core Training

An elite performance coach explains how a common posture problem undermines your core workout and makes your lower body muscles tight, too. The...
Fort Lauderdale, USA
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Foods That Make You Look Older Than You Are

Sweets Sugar overload may kick-start a process called glycation. The theory: When...

Why Do We Heed Celebs’ Health Advice?

There's no question that when celebrities put their name behind a cause, people hop on the bandwagon. And sometimes, it's for good -- for...

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18 Food Finds to Buy During Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale – Cooking Light – Food

From July 21 through August 6, Nordstrom is dropping prices...

Soup Could Be the Secret To Slimming Down (No Cleanse Required)

By now, you've likely heard of juicing. But what about “souping"? Essentially, instead of...

Are There Really Any Health Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements?

I’m all about getting those omega-3s, but I’m not quite...

Why I’m Not Flaunting My Curves This Summer

My curves are an outward symbol of my inner stress. Contrary to how the...

13 Whole Foods Pantry Staples Under $5 | Real Simple

Whole Foods 365 Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes ...

Health Apps

10 Podcasts Doctors And Other Health Experts Love

If you love podcasts, you know there’s no better way to get through a long run or your daily commute. And the best...


Bon Appetit: Let These 2 Kids School You On Veganism

For Bon Appetit, by Alex Beggs. Courtesy of Claus Meyer and Christina Meyer Bengtsson Poor kids — they don’t have the best reputation for eating,...

BRIEF-North China Pharma plans to issue debt financing instruments

<span class="articleLocation">Nov 23 North China Pharmaceutical Co Ltd* Says it plans to issue up to 2.0 billion yuan ($290.00 million) debt financing instruments ...

Rachel Montague-Ebbs: The Digital Detox Diaries – Inspiration From Above

Last Friday I had the great pleasure of attending Red magazine's #ThriveDay event. A breakfast and (rather early morning!) conversation with our...

The Promising Tools That Could Change How We Diagnose Autism

As anyone who has struggled to get clear answers for their child knows, there is no single medical test to detect autism. And...

Toby Nwazor: Six Ways Technology Is Changing Health Care System...

Several leaps have been made in our health care industry over the last two decades and technology is considered to be the driving...

No signs of asthma found in third of adults diagnosed with...

For those diagnosed with asthma within the past five years, a JAMA study has found a current diagnosis could not be established in...

Kathleen Trotter: Unbend: Pain-Free And Productive Cooking

Standing for hours on end -- as a professional chef, bartender, butcher, home economist or cheese monger -- is hard on the body....
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