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Trump isn’t killing the bull market. Here’s why

More and more business leaders and Wall Street strategists are expressing...

LeBron, Serena and other Nike stars champion ‘Equality’

LeBron, Serena and other Nike stars champion 'Equality' - Feb. 12, 2017

‘Lego Batman’ producer today. Treasury secretary tomorrow?

Steven Mnuchin had a pretty good weekend. First the treasury secretary pick advanced a step...

This Thai company makes food packaging out of bamboo to cut down on trash

To tackle Thailand's mounting trash problem, one company is turning to the country's plant life. ...

Verizon is bringing back unlimited data

Verizon (VZ, Tech30) is bringing back an unlimited data plan. Starting Monday, Verizon customers can...

Ola Cabs: Indian rival slams Uber’s business model

Uber's top rival in India has some unsolicited advice for the U.S. startup: Go local. ...

Oil prices have doubled in a year. Here’s why

It's a good day for OPEC. Data published Monday by...

Swiss voters reject corporate tax overhaul

Swiss voters reject corporate tax overhaul - Feb. 13, 2017

Trump brand takes another hit: Sears and Kmart

by Jill Disis and Danielle Wiener-Bronner   @CNNMoney February 13, 2017: 11:07 AM ET ...

Tesla is going to sell electric cars in the Middle East

Tesla is going to sell electric cars in the Middle East - Feb. 13, 2017

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