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Schumpeter: Corporate constitutions

“REVOLUTIONS” can take place in surprising places. The past decade has seen nothing less than a revolution in the command centres of capitalism: corporate...

Principle before profit: Principle before profit

BUSINESS people love to talk about corporate social responsibility. But how many of them are actually willing to sacrifice profit for principle? When pressed, most of...

European corporate governance: Cleaning the Augean tables

WHEN Cesare Geronzi took over as chairman of Generali, an insurer, last year, many investors shuddered. Mr Geronzi's past has long been under scrutiny:...

Corporate governance: The doofus factor

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Government spending: Costly contractors

HOW could it possibly cost more for a government agency to hire a private consulting company with its own headquarters, executives, support staff, shareholders and so...

The Olympus scandal: Coming clean

THE aftershocks of this financial temblor will be felt for years to come. Olympus, a Japanese camera maker plagued by an accounting scandal, finally submitted revised...

News Corporation: Fazed and refused

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Money talks: October 29th 2012: Picking up Penguin

OUR correspondents discuss Cynthia Carroll's departure from Anglo American, Penguin's merger with Random House and the failure of corporate governance in Japan

Corporate governance: Shareholders at the gates

SO MUCH for gratitude. In the past financial year, Walt Disney delivered everything you might expect from the owner of a Magic Kingdom. Bumper...

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