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Businessweek Cover Uses GIF For Snapchat Story (PHOTO)

GIFs — they're everywhere, even the latest issue of Businessweek. The magazine's latest cover story is all about Snapchat, a photo app that lets users send pictures that...

How I Shamelessly Exploited Twitter (and Don’t Anymore)

Five years ago, I was the Twitter guy at BusinessWeek. I wandered around the the offices telling colleagues to tweet. Now, as the new Twitter stock soars, I...

Bitcoin Is A Twisted Fantasy, Like This Beautiful Unicorn

Bloomberg Businessweek's latest cover is probably one of the most effective illustrations we've seen of the madness of Bitcoin. Cover story: The Bitcoin-mining arms race heats up |...

This Call May Be Monitored for Quality Control

Funny how everyone talks about how important workers are to companies, but no one seems to do anything about it. You'd think this was something difficult to achieve....

Businessweek Wedges ‘Sleazy’ American Apparel CEO In Some Deep Cleavage

Dov Charney landed right where he wants to be on this week’s cover of Bloomberg Businessweek. The magazine hitting newsstands Friday morning pictures the ousted American Apparel CEO,...

Bloomberg Businessweek Cover Shows A Chilled Out Obama Who’s ‘Too Cool’ For Crisis

Bloomberg Businessweek had one goal for this week's cover featuring President Obama and his handling of issues like Ebola, Gaza, the Islamic State and health care. To show readers...

Illinois’ Business Climate Needs a Re-start, Says Business Leader

With the election of a businessman-turned-governor in Governor-elect Bruce Rauner, Elliot Richardson, president of the Small Business Advocacy Council of Illinois, hopes business and small business owners will...

Bloomberg Unveils New ‘Flagship’ Platform, Bloomberg Business

Despite a number of delays and setbacks over the past several months, on Tuesday night Bloomberg L.P. successfully launched its highly anticipated "flagship digital destination," Bloomberg Business. The site...

What Part of a Complete Breakfast?

In the latest educational music video for kids produced by my non-profit, my own 15-year-old son, our front man, essentially asks the question: if multicolored marshmallows in a...

‘The IRS Sucks,’ Declares Businessweek

Paying taxes bites. Collecting them is worse. That’s the message of this week’s cover story in Bloomberg Businessweek, which hits newsstands on Friday. Over the past five years, the...

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