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‘Earth? It’s space calling, on the quantum line’ — ScienceDaily

In a landmark study, Chinese scientists report the successful transmission of entangled photons between suborbital space and Earth. Furthermore, whereas the previous record for successful entanglement distribution was...

Invention makes 3D mapping more accurate

A new 3D mapping model integrates multi-platform satellite/aerial imagery and laser scanning data to achieve a higher accuracy in mapping products by 26-66% to centimetre level compared to...

Playing the nanodrum

Like drums in regular drumsets, graphene membranes at the nanoscale possess a distinct set of oscillating modes that correspond to specific oscillation frequencies. The modes can be excited...

Key power-splitting component for terahertz waves

One of the most basic components of any communications network is a power splitter that allows a signal to be sent to multiple users and devices. Researchers from...

Power amplifiers for 5G made of gallium nitride

The wireless data transmission via mobile communication is reliable and affordable. However, data volume per user is rising exponentially. Causes are not only the continuously growing number of...

World's most efficient AES crypto processing technology for IoT devices developed

Our research group has discovered a new technique for compressing the computations of encryption and decryption operations known as Galois field arithmetic operations, and has succeeded in developing...

Positioning exact to the millimeter: Geodetic reference system enables highly accurate positioning

How many millimeters has the sea level risen? How fast are the continents moving? How big is the impact of high and low pressure areas on the altitude...

Tuning materials and devices to adapt to their environment

Materials with large dielectric constants -- aka "high-K materials" -- have recently garnered attention for their potential use within future generations of reduced-dimension semiconductor devices. Barium strontium titanate, one...

Pioneering research paves the way towards exascale optical networks

In the face of increasing bandwidth demands, ground-breaking research between the University of Bristol and the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT) in Japan, has demonstrated...

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